Auburn Grad Saves Bama Fans From Plane Crash Death; Passengers Make Bama-Ole Miss Game


There is a crazy story floating around the SEC today about a plane crash over the weekend involving Bama fans that is almost too good to believe. How crazy are Bama fans about making kickoff at Bryant-Denny? They’ll go from just surviving a plane crash to hitching a ride to making a football game while their plane was left in a cotton field. The savior? God? Well, sure, but an Auburn grad is being hailed as a hero.

The Auburn grad is John White-Spunner. He has spent 29 years as a General Contractor/Construction Manager, according to his bio.

Via NBC-15:

His Bama buddies convinced him to join them on this trip to Tuscaloosa. They had planned a quick stop in Selma for some barbecue. That’s when it all went bad. “Coming in we lost one of the motors. He tried to get it restarted. Couldn’t really get it re-started.”

Moments later, the other engine began to sputter. 20 miles from the airport, they were quickly losing altitude. They prepared for a crash landing. “I’m thinking, we’re probably getting ready to die.”

At 100 miles an hour, they could see nothing but tree tops. John is also a trained pilot, and found a miracle. “John said, ‘There’s a road over there’, he pointed it out to me, and sure enough, there was a dirt road. Looked like a beacon there, all that red Alabama clay.”

It was a crimson runway, but they literally were not out of the woods just yet. “Both wings hit trees… right wing cut off bigger trees than the left wing… ripped the main tank off the right wing.”

According to, the group eventually rented a car in Montgomery, Alabama and drove to Tuscaloosa.

Let’s see that from a Michigan fan in a plane full of Ohio State fans. Not happening.

[Local Bama Fans Survive Plane Crash, Make it to Game]

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