Random Girl In Hotel Room Saturday Night With Tim Tebow & Mark Sanchez


These two photos are confusing us. This is Saturday night in NYC. The girl, @HaleyHorn15, was in NYC for the first time, got to the city on Friday, did the tourist thing and then just happens to run into the two most-talked about QBs in the NFL – in a hotel room? How? Then, she ends up at the Jets-49ers blowout. Is she dating one of the Jets OLs?

Someone better start answering questions – NOW!

The Tebow pic was uploaded at 6:22 Saturday night; the Sanchez photo was uploaded at 8:48 p.m.

That sure looks like a hotel room. This just randomly happens to girls in NYC for the first time? WE WANT ANSWERS!  If you get blown out 34-0 and have a random in a hotel room the night before, WE WANT ANSWERS!

Were you in a hotel room Saturday night with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow? Were you studying the offensive playbook with these guys before the 49ers blowout? Send word. We’ll totally keep our conversation private.



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