LeBron James Heroin Bag Art Showing Up In Philadelphia [PHOTO]

Big news coming out of Philadelphia early this morning. No, it wasn’t the Eagles third lucky win of the season…it was this heroin bust by the Upper Darby police. An undercover cop made a sizable purchase of 140 bags of heroin last Thursday. Standard on the mean streets of Philly, but something was different about these baggies: they were labled “LeBron James“. Yep, The King himself is now officially an endorser of Philadelphia’s finest heroin!

No reaction yet from LeBron on having his name on countless heroin baggies across Philadelphia…or if he is somehow involved in this sketchy drug ring.

According to Philly.com:

Police said that an undercover Upper Darby officer made a buy from Marlon Guess, 19, of Philadelphia, on Beverly Boulevard near Luckens Avenue, in Upper Darby, about 6 p.m. Thursday. The undercover officer paid Guess $750 for 140 bags of LeBron.

Like a typical drug dealing d-bag, this 19-year-old punk obviously had a few words to say to the arresting officers:

“He told the officers, ‘Man, I know the drill. I ain’t talking. I’ll be out on bail tomorrow morning,’ ” Chitwood said. “Well, he got whacked with $250,000 cash bail, so he’s not getting out too soon.”

This isn’t the first time an athlete has had the privilege to be the namesake of an illegal substance. Our bros at Larry Brown Sports reported both a Usain Bolt strand of weed and a Jeremy Lin “Linsanity” strand earlier in the year.

Just this year, a Vice.com reporter interviewed the infamous Dequincey Jynxie, a heroin user and blogger who reviews heroin and heroin art floating around Brooklyn and Manhattan. According to Jynxie, it’s believed that heroin bag branding only takes place in the NYC, New Jersey and Philly areas.

Does that mean you won’t see Tony Romo heroin bags in Kansas City? We haven’t had a source step forward to say one way or the other.

Does your dealer have an athlete named strand of weed? Do you have a sketchy friend who has got his hands on the LeBron James heroin? We want to see.

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[Lead image via Philly.com]

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