Joe Haden Gets Engaged To @Sarah_Moo During Bye Week/Suspension [PHOTOS]


The Cleveland Browns might be 0-4 and headed for the worst record in the NFL, but that didn’t stop Joe Haden from getting engaged over the weekend to his girlfriend @Sarah_Moo. That’s her Instagram account that she has now deleted. No, we don’t have a full name for this Persian chick that Haden has decided to grow old with.

It was around this time last year when Peyton Hillis got married in the middle of a work week.

Of course being a member of the Browns will make you do dumb life-changing things. Haden just fell into the trap. There wasn’t a Twitter announcement, but Sarah Moo decided to get the word out and her Instagram account suddenly went black.

Thing is, Haden had plenty of time to work on his relationship since he hasn’t played during 2012 because he was suspended the first for games for failing a PED test.

Might as well get the engagement out of the way before returning to work.

Do you know Sarah Moo’s real name? Let’s honor her with her upcoming date where she’ll become a millionaire.

[ ‏@joehaden23]

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