Diva Kelly Kelly Leaves WWE, Still Dating NHLer [PHOTOS]


Gulp. One of our worst nightmares as WWE fans has come true. Kelly Kelly is officially leaving the company to pursue other career options. Now not only will we be forced to watch crappy divas matches, but said matches will now be without one of the sexiest divas in WWE history. Kelly Kelly had been in the WWE since 2006 and apparently has had enough of the WWE grind. Yes she’s still banging NHL’er Sheldon Souray.

According to Examiner.com:

The release was a mutual one, and both sides left on good terms. The company wanted her back full-time and Kelly wanted to pursue other career opportunities.

We first let you guys know that Souray and Kelly were together back in January. There may have been an issue with their relationship via some strange Twitter activity back in April, but it seems like everything is smooth sailing now. Souray so gracefully tweeted out the following photo about a month ago:

Take a long, hard look at that photo WWE fans. You won’t be seeing that booty in a ring anytime soon. She even changed her Twitter handle from @RealKellyKelly to @TheBarbieBlank, trying to shed the Kelly Kelly/WWE Diva label.

[@TheBarbieBlank]     [@SSouray]

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