A.L. Rookie Of The Year Mike Trout In A Diaper [PHOTOS]


This just goes to show you that nobody, not even an MVP candidate, can escape rookie hazing. Outfielder Mike Trout, who recently became the first MLB rookie with 30 home runs and 40 steals, was forced to don baby gear with the rest of the Angels rookies. Gotta respect Trout and his thick skin while taking a prank like this. The guy is having a better season than any of his veteran teammates and just takes it like a champ.

Trout and the rest of the Angels rookies were seen rocking the baby attire on a recent flight. Good to see them being so lose while three games out of the final Wild Card spot.

This isn’t the first time Trout has recieved a little public ribbing during his rookie season. Girlfriend Jessica Cox tweeted out a pretty brutal photo of Trout in high school. The guy had a pretty brutal brace-face.

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[h/t LobShots.com]

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