Vince Wilfork And His Wife Both Had Big Days [PHOTOS]

While watching the Bills vs. Patriots game this afternoon we noticed a few things at the bar. First being Ryder Cup fans are some of the most annoying in the world of sports. Just a bunch of fake patriotic bros pretending to care about the outcome of a tournament nobody cares about. The second thing we noticed was Vince Wilfork‘s wife. If you missed the game, lets just say, Vince went hoggin’!

For some reason CBS kept showing Wilfork’s wife. Maybe its because Wilfork had a huge game and may have seriously injured Donald Jones on a brutal hit (GIF below). Whatever the reason, props to CBS for finding a non-traditional football wife and making her a star.

As you probably know now, the Patriots dominated the Bills 52-28 and Wilfork finished with three tackles, a forced fumble and one of the hardest hits you’ll see all year.

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