Dan Mullen Slams 24 Chicken Wings In 5 Minutes, Utters ‘Roll Tide’ On Radio Show


Dan Mullen is on his bye week at Mississippi State. That time off has allowed him to do normal man things like go to Buffalo Wild Wings and pound 24 wings in five minutes. That’s the report from Starkville. And here we figured Mullen was a hummus and fatoosh kind of guy. Fooled us.

Anyway, the wing thing was big news, but it was what Dan dropped on his radio show that really should make the headlines.

According to the Clarion-Ledger:

It was a rather eventful radio show this week. Mullen, who plans to take Saturday off and watch plenty of college football at home, even let out a “Roll Tide.”

Why? Ole Miss’ big game at No. 1 Alabama this week. A fan asked Mullen near the end of the show if he is willing to put aside the rivalry to cheer for “the school up north” Saturday. After all, an Ole Miss victory might help his Bulldogs (4-0, 1-0 SEC) in the SEC West race.

“Yeah, no,” Mullen told the fan. “I know I said I want what’s best for the state of Mississippi and all that stuff, but I still have a hard time rooting for those guys. I just have a hard time rooting for them. I guess if you force me to say it, I’d have to go Roll Tide this weekend.”

Like we said, big night for this machine. Sounds like he went home and told the wife to order up a couple of pizzas because he was still hungry.

Of course there were those who weren’t impressed by the scarfing.

[BWs photo via @bristewart31]

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