Craziest Two-Point Conversion You’ll See All Week – The Bouquet Pass [VIDEO]


After all our years of watching football we’re pretty confident we’ve seen it all. Every once in a while though the Internet comes through with a video like this and just smacks you in the face. Who would’ve thought a random high school football game in Washington between Tumwater and Capital would provide such entertainment? The game was a close one, but when Tumwater pulled off this insane 2 point conversion, the momentum swung in their favor.

Wide receiver Jamie Bryant snuck off the line without a shred of attention from the defense. When QB Jayden Croft turned his back and flung it up, it was already too late for the Capital High safety to make a play. Pure coaching wizardry right there.

P.S. Jamie Bryant is already committed to Washington. Don’t expect USC to fall for these types of shenanigans next Fall.

[h/t Reddit]

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