Auburn WR Quan Bray Arrested; Cited For Loud Music & Open Container [Cuff ‘Em]

Coming off the heels of a rough 12-10 loss to LSU last weekend, Auburn WR Quan Bray was arrested on the campus of West Georgia University. Auburn has a bye week so it appears Bray headed back to his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia for some rest and relaxation. Then he got a little out of hand. Apparently he was cruising around WGU’s campus, playing music far too loud for campus securities liking. No bid deal there, but the dumbass was driving around with a limited driving permit! Nothing like keeping a low profile.

It gets worse for Bray. Not only did he get cited for the loud music and the limited driving permit, the arresting officer also nabbed him with an open container. Did we mention he’s still just 19-years-old? He spent the night in jail and was bailed out the following morning.

As one Auburn fan on Reddit put it:

Even on the f*cking bye week we’re still losing!

Yes, yes you are. Even though Bray only has 11 receptions for 82 yards on the season, its another hole the Tigers need to fill during an already crumbling season.

Auburn’s back in action on October 6 against Arkansas. Good news is that one of these two trainwrecks will finally get a “respectable” win.

Here are some of the top Twitter reactions from an already frustrated Auburn fanbase:

[h/t Fox 6-WBRC]

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