NFL Experts?

By now you know that we have been doing a weekly¬†Pick ‘Em vs. A Hot Chick¬†series. Essentially its BC vs. a hot chick picking five NFL games. The hot chicks have been holding their own and are currently only one game back in the standings (BC: 7-7-1, Hot Chicks: 6-8-1). That’s against the spread. Compare those numbers to the USA Today NFL Experts. From what we can tell, these guys aren’t even picking ATS.

Forget the fact that none of these morons have a winning percentage higher than .600 through three weeks. Take a look at the ‘Lock of the Week.’ Collectively, these seven experts combine for a whopping 5-15 record. If the head editor at the USA Today is reading this, give us a call, we’ll hook you up with some hot chicks who know more football than your experts do.

[HT: Reddit]