Hottest Locked Out NHL Ice Girls: Danielle Castellano [25 PHOTOS]

You think that stupid NHL lockout is only hurting the players and front offices that are slashing workers? Think again. You have Ice Girls to think about. Take the case of our friend Danielle Castellano. She spent last season as a Florida Panthers Ice Girl. She was along for the ride as the Panthers won the Southeast division and lost a first-round battle (4-3) against the Devils.

Now she’s locked out and serving as our guest NFL picker. So sad.

Anyway, Danielle’s picks and her battle against Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Courtney Cook will be released tomorrow. Name another sports site on the Internet who can get a locked out NHL Ice Girl and a Cowboys cheerleader facing off in NFL pick ’em. You can’t.

Get To Know Danielle Castellano:

• Named Panthers Ice Girl ‘Group Leader’ for 2012 season

• College student

• Loves to dance

NY Giants fan


Do you know a locked out NHL Ice Girl that we need to know about? Of course BC wants to know about her situation.

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