27 Biggest Michael Jordan Fashion Fails

Michael Jordan this week happened to be at Scottie Pippen’s birthday party and, as expected, His Airness was in yet another ridiculous suit jacket. Look at that thing. Not only is it the size of a queen sheet, it’s complimented with ripped jeans, a Jordan staple. We’re not breaking new ground with this post. It’s just time to remind 6’6″ men to chill out with the jackets and parachute pants.

It’s time to put this rich man on notice.

No more ripped jeans. Who is his adviser? That girlfriend needs to tell the greatest basketball player in history that ripped jeans were cool in ’94 when he was crushing Chicago clubs. You don’t see Scottie Pippen wearing ripped jeans and if there’s anyone we’d expect to wear ripped jeans, it would be Pippen.

Who walks into a store and instantly thinks that the green cargo pants would look good at the golf course? Jordan. Who walks into a store and can’t resist the faded thigh jeans? This guy.