Why Is Paulina Gretzky Hanging With Burger King Mask D-Bag? [13 PHOTOS]

The last time we checked up on Paulina Gretzky she was partying with a Barack Obama doll. It’s a slow Wednesday in sports so instead of running another story on the replacement refs we decided to check up on Paulina. There have been mulitple photo updates of her day-to-day life uploaded over the past week. She’s been chowing down…again, hanging with some puppies and looking freakishly skinny next to a d-bag in the Burger King mask.

It’s been a pretty slow week in the life of Paulina. Nothing too racy, no crazy/drunken party photos. She seems to be living the normal life of a¬†twenty-something¬†girl. BC does not approve. We want the old Paulina. Enough with the food porn, we liked it better when your photos nearly resembled real porn.

[Paulina Gretzky Instagram]

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