The Bikini Hockey League’s Top Prospects [44 PHOTOS]


The NHL labor disaster has officially opened the door for the Bikini Hockey League to walk right into your life and keep hockey fans busy this fall. The organization, oddly based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, even released a ‘media day video’ this week to show off the girls and their skills. Of course most of the video is dedicated to lacing up skates and putting on helmets.

When will the league start? Who knows, but the buildup is much better than NHL labor negotiations.

Last week, the BHL started its media blitz with a human interest spot on Fox 10 in Phoenix and has been busy today doing a radio blitz across North America.

According to the Toronto Sun:

The league will start with two teams, the formation of which will be the basis of a reality television show, according to Fox Sports Southwest. Eskridge filmed the pilot episode at a mansion in Tulsa, Okla., this summer.

Without a schedule, more details on a season, no gambling lines and only 726 Twitter followers (@BikiniHockey), it’ll take a miracle for the BHL to actually have a season. Say a miracle happens, we’ll be right here ready to DVR the first game and create a series recording.

Your move, BHL.



Heather Josie Moore

Katie Alexander

Erin H.

Sabina Scott

Kelly Laing

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