Nets MarShon Brooks’ Car Filled With Popcorn By Deron Williams & Reggie Evans [PHOTOS]

Before we get to the purpose of this post, lets all take a minute and realize just how terrifying of a man Reggie Evans is. Ok…moving on. Veterans of the newly minted Brooklyn Nets are already up to some mischief. Deron Williams and Evans pulled a prank on “rookie” MarShon Brooks by filling his Acura with popcorn. We put rookie in quotes because Brooks had already finished his first season. He was actually a trooper and responded well to the prank.

Reggie Evans posted the following photo to his Instagram account yesterday. Forget MarShon Brooks’ frustrated look and note the shady Asian guy taking pictures:

As mentioned, Brooks was a good sport. He tweeted these out after the incident:

We at BC are all for some good-natured fun when it comes to hazing rookies, but is Brooks really a rookie? It was good to see him take it so well, but between Brooks and Prince Amukamara this sophomore hazing is getting a little weird.

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