Roethlisberger Vs. Plunkett Fan Fight At Steelers-Raiders Game [VIDEO]


“LEAVE ME ALONE!…I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!” Are those shorts worn by Steelers fan considered capri pants? “LEAVE ME ALONE!” The shocking part of this Steelers-Raiders brawl is that the white dude is actually the better pugilist. We figured that Mexican would’ve been a better fighter considering he is a Raiders fan and probably had to beat a guy for that Plunkett jersey.


As for the premise of this brawl, the YouTuber reports:

While waiting to use the restroom I caught this. Had other video where they start arguing. The raider fan laid a couple good ones then this happened.

What’s up this year with Raiders fans and bathroom fights? Of course you remember the Raiders bros kicking some ass last week. Helluva year so far for Raiders Nation. Keep it up, boys.

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