Rick’s Cabaret Dancers Sick Of NFL Replacement Refs; Could They Lose Tips?


Of course we reached out to our friend Lonnie Hanover at Rick’s Cabaret to get NFL replacement ref reactions from the girls. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this disaster and the dancers aren’t any different. Why? Revenue. Imagine the Jets losing on a last-second call. Is the offensive lineman & his buddy bringing a wad of cash to Rick’s? Not a chance. He’s going home and bitching on Twitter.

The girls aren’t pleased to say the least.

The Rick’s team released this statement:

Rick’s Cabaret New York is the famous midtown Manhattan upscale gentlemen’s club that is home to hundreds of beautiful exotic dancers and is a favorite spot for businessmen, celebrities and pro athletes from all the major sports.

“We always have the football games on our TVs and everyone is saying how poorly the replacement referees are doing,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica. “I was watching a game sitting with some really successful Wall Street guys and they were talking about how badly the refs were doing. The girls and I were talking about the same thing earlier in the dressing room!”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alicia said, “The replacement officials are causing a credibility problem. They have been making blunders, and the game is dragging because of all the delays they cause.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Maya agreed. “They made several mistakes this weekend. I think I could do a better job. In fact, I volunteer,” she declared.

“A lot of my fellow Rick’s girls think that it is time to bring back the real refs,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Brielle. “We love football–some of the players are among our best customers. Of course, I am not allowed to reveal any names. We respect everyone’s privacy.

“The thing we don’t want to see is the Giants or the Jets lose a game because of a ref’s mistake. That would be a disaster!” she added.

Not all the Rick’s Cabaret Girls were concerned about the replacement officials. “I’m a baseball fan–Go Yankees!” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Savanna.

And the pressure begins to mount for Roger Goodell. When a replacement official disaster reaches exotic dancers, you’ve officially lost the public in this battle.

If you’re in NYC, stop by Rick’s at 50 West 33rd Street and talk replacement refs with the girls. If you see Lonnie, tell him you’re a BC reader.

[Rick’s Cabaret New York]

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