Republican Teen Will Be Tebow’s Servant & 22 Other Crazy Tebow Signs [PHOTOS]

You just knew that when the Jets played down in Miami the Tebow lovers would come out of the woodwork. The guy is still revered by at least half of the crazy population of that crazy state. Of course Florida didn’t disappoint as we uncovered this sign of a girl saying she will be Tebow’s servant. We’ve seen strange, we’ve seen sexual and we’ve seen stupid, but even we think this is a bit aggressive for a girl who doesn’t even appear to be 16-years-old.

In fact, Kelly (@KellyKAK98) is 14, a Singer/Dancer/Writer, Republican and obsessed with Tyler Oakley.

Being that she’s a girl and Republican, she’s probably down with pumping out kids, doing dishes, laundry and obeying her husband. It could all be Tebow’s when she turns 18.

Your move, Timmy.