Packers Fan Protest Outside Lambeau Growing By The Minute [PHOTOS]


The furor over last night’s Seattle Screwjob has made its way to the front of Lambeau Field where fans (six as of 7 a.m.) are showing their displeasure with replacement refs and Roger Goodell’s handling of the referee lockout. With such signs as “Cut Roger Goodell’s Paycheck To Pay Refs,” and “Go Pack Go!” fans are really letting the league hear their voices.

At this pace, Goodell will crack by Thursday.

According to

Four of the protesters told Press-Gazette reporter Charles Davis that they came just after midnight with several others joining them this morning.”We really need the refs back because it has cost us a game and that shouldn’t be happening,” said fan Seth Wagnitz.

The NFL is set to address last night’s game, but there is no indication whether Goodell will pull the unprecedented move of giving the Packers the win.

[via @PGcharlesdavis]



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