James Harden Doppelgänger In Spurs Gear At Towson Football Game? [PHOTO]


This has to be James Harden right? Judging by the circumstances it’s extremely unlikely that this is in fact Harden at a Towson football game, but this bro is a spot on doppelganger for the bearded assassin. If this is in fact Harden, BC might have just cost Harden some fans in a year where he is heading into free agency. Rocking both a spurs hat and a Tim Duncan jersey, can’t imagine Thunder fans would be excited to see their shooting guard in enemy gear!

The photo was accompanied by this tweet:

Our snap judgement was to just assume this was Harden. End of story. Aside from the fact he is on the Thunder, the guy grew up in L.A. and went to Arizona State for college. No ties known to either Towson or the Spurs. Thankfully we dug a little deeper and found some evidence to the contrary:

So we’ll leave the final call up to you guys…is this or is this not James Harden rocking Spurs gear?

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