Gary Payton Drops F-Bomb On Fan During Angry Twitter Exchange


By now we all know that last night was an absolute fiasco. Former Seattle Sonics guard Gary Payton took to Twitter after the game congratulating the Seahawks on the “incredible” win. Naturally some Packers fans were very salty and one felt the need to reply directly to The Glove. User @Shaun_King33 got all NSFW on Payton really quickly, and growing up in Oakland, Payton stopped taking sh*t from people at a very young age. Read the full Twitter exchange here.

Payton’s tweets have since been deleted. His agent or mom or something must’ve scolded him for his potty mouth. Thankfully boxden saved the full exchange and it is as follows:

It’s rare to see such candid and NSFW anger from athletes. On one hand it’s cool to see Payton still supporting the city that he called home for so many years. On the other hand, he needs to realize a sh*tstorm was going to come his way…and fast. He then wrapped up the discussion with the following two tweets:

There you have it. Niners fan. Doesn’t like replacement refs. Next time maybe lead your Twitter rampage with that last tweet to avoid pissing off every Packers fan on the internet.

[@GaryPayton_20] [@Shaun_King33]

[Image via slumz.boxden]

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