Create An NFL Replacement Ref Halloween Costume


The Ultimate Blind NFL Replacement Ref is going to be the hottest Halloween costume of 2012 so we recommend you get on eBay right now and snap up the needed gear before prices skyrocket. Sure, you could cut corners and just wear a plain white hat. Sure, you could wear a pair of black jogging pants. Sure, you could make your own yellow penalty flags.

Or, you could follow our advice to creating the ultimate replacement ref costume.

The Ultimate NFL Replacement Ref Halloween Costume

NFL Shield Hat – $40

NFL referee jersey – $22

MNF Ref Pants – $2.99!

Blind Cane – $15.22

Ref Whistle – $1.57

Yellow Penalty Flags (2) – $13.99

Black Sunglasses – $4.89

Timex Watch – $9.99

NFL Style Beanbag – $4.75

Total: $115.40!

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