Hotter NCAA Novelty Gear: TCU Showgirl Boots Or USC Song Girls Sweaters?

There was a small Twitter explosion Saturday afternoon during the TCU-Virginia game when ESPN would cut to shots of the Horned Frog Showgirls and their cowboy boots. Men were suddenly in love. Sure, the TCU girls are lovely and talented at their cheers, but the Twitter buzz centered on the cowboy boots.

It’s novelty gear that fans aren’t used to. That got us thinking, ‘Hotter NCAA Novelty Gear: TCU Showgirl Boots or USC Song Girl Sweaters?’

Just so you know, the Showgirls have a sponsorship deal with legendary cowboy boot retailer, Justin Brands. The girls started wearing the boots in 2009. The boots are custom-fit for members of the team.

Let’s be honest here, you put the Showgirls in regular dance shoes and men don’t care. Those boots are worth at least 15-20 extra tweets per week when the team is on ESPN or Fox Sports.

While the USC Song girls keep sliding off the radar, other teams just step up their game. Oregon cheerleading goes out and gets sponsored by Nike, which creates combat cheerleading uniforms. TCU does its thing.

Your move, Song Girls.

[Credit: TCU Facebook]