Georgia Tailgate Features New Rendition Of “Teach Me How To Dougie” [VIDEO]


Before the Georgia Bulldogs manhandled Vanderbilt on Saturday afternoon something strange happened at a tailgate party. The “dougie” phenomenon that blew up when Kate Upton did it back in 2011 had become dormant. It got old. People forgot about it…until now. The middle aged white people in Athens, Georgia have officially brought “dougie-ing” back to the forefront. The video is highlighted by a Georgia bro pointing at his junk and thrusting at a blonde coed.

Kate Upton’s “dougie” rendtion is now approaching 10,000,000 views on YouTube. How this Georgia tailgate video hasn’t gone viral yet is beyond crazy. Props to our friends at Guysim for posting this gem.

This has to be the most action the bro in the grey shirt has seen in quite some time. No chance he pulls red jeans girl at the bar on an average Saturday night.

[h/t Guysim]

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