Bills & Browns Fan Fight Includes Headbutt Attempt! [VIDEO]


The NFL season is only three weeks old and somehow the Bills fans have found their way into yet another nasty fight video on BC. This time the Bills were on the road in Cleveland and a good number of Bills fans made the trek to the Dawg Pound. Never a friendly place for visiting fans, the Browns fans didn’t take too kindly to some antagonistic Bills fans. One shove of the bro in the Mario Williams jersey and this thing popped off. Don’t sleep on the old guy in the red hoodie either!

The shove happens right around the :05 second mark, starting the mayhem. The Browns fan comes out swinging…however he punches exactly like a girl. Old man Bills fan in the red hoodie catches one and loses his mind, attempting a headbutt at the :16 second mark!

Other highlights include annoying broad screaming “stop it” and the poor effort by security, gently tapping the fighters with a clipboard.

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