Here’s Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney Getting A Speeding Ticket [Dash Cam VIDEO]

Let this be a lesson to all you small time cops out there who think you can post info about Dabo Swinney’s speeding ticket (63 in a 35) on a South Carolina message board – on police time. According to the Pickens County (SC) Courier, a cop was fired when he posted details of the traffic stop on

The real story here is that Dabo, on Labor Day weekend, was late to his radio call-in show that was being held in a Bi-Lo grocery store. Seriously. Watch fans shake Dabo’s hand.

The newspaper report states:

In the posting, the officer said he didn’t plan on posting about the incident, but “wanted to clear the air for all involved.”

The officer said he believed Swinney “thought he would be excused for the violation and continue to his appointment.” He said Swinney and his brother were asked to have a seat in the vehicle, which they did not. The officer also said the Bi-lo store manager approached him and told him a city official was on the phone and would like to speak with him, but the officer declined.

Watch closely at the beginning at how Dabo and his boy rush out of the truck towards the cop car.

A cop is out of a job and Dabo gets Florida State tomorrow at the Doak. There are no winners here.


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