Executed Texas Man Leaves This Message: “I love y’all. God Bless and the Texas Rangers, Texas Rangers”


Texas executed Robert Wayne Harris on Thursday for killing two co-workers at a Dallas-area car wash in 2000. It was only the 8th execution for Texas this year; 13 killed in 2011 & 17 in 2010. Put all that aside and focus on Robert’s final words: “I’m going home, I’m going home.  I’ll be all right, don’t worry, I love y’all.  God Bless and the Texas Rangers, Texas Rangers.”

Using ones final words on sports isn’t a death penalty rarity. 

You might remember back in March when Jesse Joe Hernandez said, “Go Cowboys” just before his execution. Then there was Robert Charles Comer in 2007 leaving life with one last “Go, Raiders.”

And who can possibly forget William Prince Davis, in 1999, saying “What about those Cowboys,” before death.

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