Oklahoma Sooners Fan Robbing Bank In His Awesome 2000 National Champions Shirt


Nobody, and I mean nobody, covers sports-related bank robberies like Busted Coverage. We’ve been called morons for posting stories about guys wearing Phillies hats and robbing banks. We’ve received emails saying our Cuff ‘Em posts are stupid and useless.

Then there are guys like Cody B. in Oklahoma. He appreciates Cuff ‘Em so much he sent us a story out of tiny Duncan, OK where Boomer Sooner held up a bank in his Saturday’s best.

“Perennial power Oklahoma gets on the bank robbing board. Boomer Sooner,” Cody writes.

Boomer Sooner, indeed.

According to the local Duncan Banner newspaper:

Duncan and state police authorities are looking for a man who allegedly robbed IBC Bank on Main Street in Duncan today at about 4 p.m.

Detective Donny Foraker said a man walked into the bank and presented a teller with a note requesting money in 10s, 20s and $100 bills.

Around 5:30 p.m. there was a report that the individual may have left Duncan. Officers are still investigating and Oklahoma Highway Patrol may be involved in the search.

Where’s Duncan, OK? The middle of nowhere. Take a dart, throw it at an Oklahoma map and I guarantee you can’t hit the city limits. We’re talking 23,000 residents. Somebody knows this Boomer Sooner, especially since he’s rocking his best 2000 national championship gear. Yes, that shirt is 12-years-old.

Do you know Boomer Sooner but are afraid to turn him in? We will, no questions asked, and give you half the reward money. Get some cash to hit the Red River Rivalry – turn on Boomer.


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