Weird New Kate Upton Photos Include A Creep In A Unicorn Suit [17 PHOTOS]


Alright, we admit it, we might have been harsh the last time we featured Kate Upton on the site. Looking at these new photos from the CR Fashion Book it is clear Kate Upton is still supermodel material, but the context of these photos are a bit suspect. Clearly this is not Kate’s fault, just the weird photographer end editor, but putting our favorite supermodel with a bunch of babies, animals and a creep in a unicorn suit just isn’t cutting it!

Photos from the CR Fashion Book and it’s launch party are below. Kate is looking like her gorgeous old self, but for whatever reason the video still creeps us the f*ck out. You can watch the full video below, but seriously, what is the deal with this creep in the unicorn suit?!

[CR Fashion Book]

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