Lingerie Football League Running Back Goes Beast Mode [VIDEO]


No Lingerie Football League in the USA? No problem! The Canadian’s are picking up the slack and have been having quite an eventful LFL season. The Toronto Triumph were taking on the Saskatoon Sirens last Saturday when what appeared to be a routine running play turned into something special. Petshauna “The Locomotive” Pinnock was looking to gain some extra yardage when  Heather “Rockstar” Furr got in her way.

Pinnock got Furr off her in the only way she knew how. With what the LFL is dubbing the “bitch slap”, Pinnock smacked Furr across the head and ended up carrying several more defenders with her for some extra yardage. Oh, and yes, her real first name is Petshauna. Pet…shauna.

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