20 Hottest Photos Of Cari Champion – ESPN’s ‘First Take’ Host [20 PHOTOS]


It was announced a few weeks back that Jay Crawford was leaving First Take to join the SportsCenter crew. Good for Jay. How the guy hasn’t killed himself and/or Skip Bayless while hosting the show is a miracle in and of itself. The new host, Cari Champion, is scheduled to start in October. Finally a little eye-candy on the show! Cari joins the show after previously working local TV, and most recently the Tennis Channel.

Yes, in the TV industry, moving from a nothing job on the Tennis Channel to lobbing softballs to Skip Bayless is considered a huge career break.

Who Is Cari Champion:

• Went to UCLA

• Once dropped a motherf*cker-bomb on air

• Likes Jay-Z, Michelle Obama and The Godfather

• Lakers fan

• Only 4,100 Twitter followers

[Cari Champion – Facebook]   [@CariChampion]

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