Who Tried To Spell Macaulay Culkin On This 2009 Mark Sanchez Card? [PHOTO]


Why were we searching for Mark Sanchez cards on eBay? Don’t worry about it…all that matters is we discovered this gem. A 2009 Upper Deck Personal Touch card was signed by Sanchez and in an effort to further connect fans to the player, they had Sanchez write his favorite actor and musician. If you thought Sanchez couldn’t get any lamer, wait until you see his musician of choice…oh, and he doesn’t even know how to spell his favorite actors name.

Sanchez’s favorite actor is none other than Micoli Culkin. Marky Mark wasn’t even close with his spelling on this one (Macaulay), but we’ll forgive him because Home Alone and Richie Rich both kick ass. His favorite musician though is inexcusable. Sanchez might be the only guy who cites the Counting Crows as his favorite musician.

By the looks of it, there are only three of these cards in existence. Feeling generous? Buy this embarrassing piece of Jets history for your Jets fan buddy. Only $500 (or best offer) on eBay!

P.S. This has to be a classic case of being pressed for time. Some Upper Deck suit probably shoved these cards in Sanchez’s face and told him what to do. “Micoli” Culkin and Counting Crows were probably the first things to come to mind. Not making an excuse for Sanchez, just our observation.

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