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Cheerleaders Of College Football: Oklahoma Freshman Caitlin [PHOTOS]

My team (Missouri) may have left the Big 12, but that doesn’t make me any less curious about the new crop of cheerleaders circulating through the conference. I may not get to see this hotties on the sidelines as they watch my Tigers crush their hopes and dreams, but at least I have an outlet to share them with the world.

That brings us to Norman, OK and freshman Oklahoma Sooners cheerleader Caitlin. A devout Christian, Caitlin is the ultimate girl next door. Very wholesome with a body made to shake it on the sidelines. Which is exactly what a cheerleader at Oklahoma should be like. This isn’t Los Angeles folks. It’s OK to shake it on the sidelines, but you better be shaking it for Jesus come Sunday morning!

Know Your Big 12 Cheerleaders: Caitlin

• Freshman

• Hopes to own her own dance studio some day

• Member of Delta Delta Delta sorority

• Grew up in the small town of Ada, OK

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