Lane Kiffin’s :30 Press Conference Confims He’s Biggest D-Bag In College Football [VIDEO]


How did Lane Kiffin handle last weekends loss to Stanford? Evidently not well. He had a post-practice press conference today to discuss the days work and their upcoming game against Cal. Kiffin is not a fan of addressing injuries to the media and the press knows this. Kiffin couldn’t get two questions into the press conference before one of the media slugs brought it up. Instead of handling it properly, Kiffin stormed off after not even 30-seconds of media time!

On one hand, you understand Kiffin’s frustration. On the other, the guy just comes off as a compete d-bag. How can you be a football coach and not expect to address injuries? It just seems like an overly protective, childish act on his part.

The top YouTube comment might shed some light on what really happened:

He had ate at Chipotle before the interview and needed to take a monster sh*t.

[h/t NBC Sports]

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