Bibi Jones, or Britney Maclin, Releases Another Gronk Jersey Photo


Here comes Bibi Jones, or real name Britney Maclin, back into the sports consciousness thanks to a new photo of the ex-porn star and Rob Gronkowski from 2011. Of course you remember how Britney became famous via a bye week photoshoot with the Pats tight end. Within hours she was on morning radio shows across the country and getting naked in multiple cities from the fame.

Last night’s photo upload was supposed to inspire Gronk after a rough start to the season, according to the retired porn star.

Gronk told me he dropped those balls bc he was thinking of me! Gotta get back in his life (:

Omg! I’m partying & these Boston took my phone so they could post those pics. Holy fuck! This is gonna be drama.

However, the tweet wasn’t deleted and the photo remains on her very NSFW photo gallery. She’s not going to play our penis like that. Of course this is genius marketing. Just imagine the other photos on her phone where Team Jizz Blaster is running a train.

[@Britney_Maclin]  [Gronk’s Porn Star Bibi Jones Quits Porn Industry]





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