BC’s ‘Screencapper Matt’ (@ParadigmShift35) Impresses Ladies At Florida’s Lido Cabaret


BC’s ‘Screencapper Matt’ came to me with an idea recently after a night of drinking and chatting up the manager of Lido Cabaret in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Matt, also known as @ParadigmShift35, was gracious enough to get Lido to create a drink in Busted’s honor. But we needed a story. We needed a hook that would be more than just a photo of a sign promoting the drink.

We needed Matt to go to Lido in a BC shirt and show us how he parties.

Last night, a Tuesday, was go time.  This rocket scientist, with a degree from the University of Florida, decided he would pull a Busted shirt over his massive shoulders and stroll into Lido for a night of debauchery.

This guy isn’t a rookie when it comes to Lido. He’s sent many texts, Twitter messages and dispatches from the darkened strip club where women try to separate him and his screencapping cash. Last night was even a solo night. Just our hero and his iPhone.

The rules were clear: ‘Screencapper Matt’ and the Busted t-shirts had to be in the photos or there would be no post.

Highlights Of ‘Screencapper Matt’ Unleashed At Lido Cabaret:

• Partied from 7 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.

• Drank four Busted Coverage specialty drinks that Lido has named in our honor

  • – 1/2 shot Jager
  • – 1/2 shot Goldschlager
  • – 1/2 shot Irish Whiskey
  • – 1/2 shot Jack Daniels

• Hammered four Coronas

• Pounded two shots of Southern Comfort and one shot of Captain

• “DJ Steve played whatever I wanted him to,” Matt reports. “He’s an awesome DJ.”

• “The shots were f*ckin’ awesome,” our hero states. “All the girls know me by name and were impressed by my drinking ability.”

• Lido had one TV showing a replay of the Florida win over Tennessee

• Matt went home without one of the strippers. House rules.

Are you planning to be in Cocoa Beach this fall and need a place to watch NFL games? Visit our friends at Lido Cabaret. Their Sunday and Monday promotions include: halftime buffet, 1/2 price lap dances at halftime, a free shot when your team scores, specials on buckets of beer, drink specials and prize giveaways.

[Lido Cabaret – Cocoa Beach, Florida]   [@ParadigmShift35]

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