Kentucky Tailgate Fight Includes Scumbag Salmon Shirt Bro Kicking Combatant! [VIDEO]


Not sure how this one slipped through the cracks, but leave it to the bros in Lexington to have the college football fight video of the weekend. Only hours before the Wildcats were embarrassed at home by the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, one of the oddest tailgate fights we’ve ever seen took place. It seemed like a massive group of Kentucky fans just ganged up on a fellow Wildcat for no reason. Then the salmon shirted scumbag steps in.

The fight gets started right around the :24 mark. Things get out of control fast as the crowd gangs up on the big guy in the gray shirt. Seemingly, he is knocked out cold…and fast. At the :38 mark, our salmon-clad friend steps in, appearing to calm to masses. A short six seconds later things take a turn for the worse… cheap-shot by the salmon bro!

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