BJ Cubs Fan Pretty Good At Giving Fake BJs [VIDEO]


Who in their right mind is going to a Pirates-Cubs game in the middle of September? One of the funniest baseball fans of the 2012 campaign, that’s who. In the 9th inning of a boring 3-0 Pirates win, this Cubs fan came through and saved the day for any viewers that were still tuned in. Through nearly two full at bats this bro was right in the line of vision making BJ motions with both hands. Since Wrigley’s security was probably drunk, they took a while to respond.

Kudos to Deadspin for spotting this gem. He has to be a DePaul or Northwestern frat bro, right? Just sitting front row, making BJ faces and trying to use it as bait to get laid later in the night. Highlight of the video is easily the :29 mark…he gets far too into it.

[h/t Deadspin]

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