10 Little Known Facts About The NFL Replacement Referees


The dirt keeps on coming for the NFL replacement refs. We already know about the Saints debacle and the LeSean McCoy fantasy blunder. There has to be more out there, right? That’s where BC comes in. We went digging. We’re talking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…you name it, we scoured the Internet for any dirt on the replacement refs. Do refs like embarrassing chick flicks? Yep. Did one appear in a Playgirl-esque 1990s Campus Men calendar?



  • Craig Ochoa has referee experience in the Lingerie Football League.
  • Prior to this season, Wayne Bernier was an official for six-man high school football games in Texas
  • Back judge Aaron Schrein is an Ohio State grad and Columbus, OH teacher. He was featured in a Campus Men Calendar in the 90’s. Don’t believe us? Video evidence here (teal tank top, back middle).
  • Referee Matt Nicks’ first name is really Richard.
  • Shannon Eastin, the first female NFL referee, was the youngest judo athlete to train in the U.S. Olympic Training Center…at age 11! She has won six judo national championships.

Do you know some dirt on a replacement ref? Is one of the back judges a Hall & Oates groupie? Bumped into Brian Stropolo at the bars?

Email us: mail@bustedcoverage.com

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