Tom Rinaldi Leaves Pants In Knoxville, Wears Dooley Orange Pants To Atlanta [VIDEO]


In case you were still passed out or tailgating Saturday morning, Tom Rinaldi’s piece on GameDay didn’t revolve around a dead person or someone who will die within days. Rinaldi actually investigated Derek Dooley’s orange pants. It was your typical Rinaldi piece with great writing, sappy clichés, moving metaphors, etc. Then, at the end of the piece Rinaldi was wearing orange pants. Then, he wore the pants straight to the airport.

According to videographer, Samantha Steele:

What happens when Tom Rinaldi forgets his suit pants in Knoxville? The ATL airport gets a real treat.

That’s David Pollack on the left trying to get Georgia fan to comment. Ironically, Georgia fan doesn’t realize it’s Georgia football legend Pollack.

The video was posted at 1:31 p.m. on Saturday. GameDay in Knoxville for this trio ended at like 11:20 p.m. That’s moving.

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