South Carolina Trainer About To Jump WR Bruce Ellington’s Gamecock [VIDEO]


Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve. This South Carolina trainer made her thoughts very clear as WR Bruce Ellington walked by her in nothing but his undershirt. She looked him up and down more than once, and as he passed by, a big smile formed on her face. Ellington had a strong game, with 5 catches for 98 yards, before a shoulder injury sidelined him for the rest of the game, so she could’ve been admiring his on-field effort…right?

As you can imagine the YouTube comments were pretty enjoyable. You had the always classic, “give her the d*ck” and the obvious “haha! u know where she was after the game!!!”. Then one bro tried to rain on everyone’s parade:

chill out it wasn’t even like that… bruce was telling a joke i was standing right there just not in the frameshot

Grow up and let us enjoy the one time a girl gets caught checking out a guys ass and not vice-versa.

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