Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ‘Making The Team’ Rocked By Naked Photo Scandal


You know how HBO’s Hard Knocks is on its last legs, thanks to NFL teams staying away from allowing cameras around their training camp? Yeah, well the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making The Team is in its seventh season and going strong on Country Music Television. This week, the DCC was rocked by a naked photo scandal. Coaches had to call in Carla Ann to confront her over naked cellphone pics that her old boyfriend sent to the team.

The gist of the story is that Carla Ann took the nudies, sent them to her boyfriend, they broke up, he still had the nudies, she tried out for the DCC, he wanted to get back at her and sent the pics to the team.

BOOM – Carla Ann is cut.

That’s reality TV, folks. You want to take nudies and be a cheerleader? Better hope you stay cool with the ex. Otherwise, it’s a new day and naked cheerleaders will not be tolerated.

*Spoiler Alert: you won’t see more than what these screencaps are showing. Start at the 35:00 mark.

[Full episode – Naked Cowboys Training Camp Cheerleader – CMT]

Yep, naked.

OMG! Naked there, too.

You weren’t hot enough to make the team anyway.

HOLY SH*T! Carla Ann is buck naked!

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