Baltimore Orioles Rookie Hazing Includes Wei-Yin Chen As An Asian Fan-Girl [PHOTOS]

When was the last time Orioles rookies were smiling during rookie hazing in mid-September? Not in the 21st century. At 81-62, the Orioles are tied for the A.L. East lead and having a great time dressing rookies in panties, Chinese takeout boxes and tutus. There was pitcher Wei-Yin Chen (12-9, 4.00) dressed as a Asian fan-girl, his trainer in a hotdog costume and his translator in the Chinese takeout box. Rookie hazing night has never been so glorious for the O’s.

Avi Miller of the Baltimore Sports Report was against the fence last night as the rookies paraded to the bus in their drag.

That’s L.J. Hoes in the purple. That’s Luis Exposito pulling up his panties. That’s Manny Machado in his white tutu.

Let this sink in: if the season ended today, Baltimore would win the East because of its 6-2 record against the Yankees.


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