Is Candice Swanepoel Getting Fat? [34 PHOTOS]


Candice Swanepoel has her moments here on BC. Most of the times she is absolutely killing it, but every once in a while she has a hiccup. Consider her latest photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret one of those hiccups. She was down in Miami modeling in some fancy gold bikini. At first glance it looks like your routine Candice pics, but look a little closer. Is that some cellulite brewing on her ass? Is Candice Swanepoel on the road to becoming a fatty?!

Look a little harder at the evidence. Earlier in the year Candice did a commercial for Michael Bay and Victoria’s Secret and there is no evidence of ass-flab. See for yourself:

Image via Popoholic

A few short months later and things have changed. Is she going all cottage cheese on us, right before our eyes?

Image via NS4W

Don’t let it be true Candice. Throw on that Victoria’s Secret sports wear you so eloquently model and hit the gym before this sh*t gets out of hand.

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