Greg Oden Partying With Columbus State Community College Kids [PHOTO]


Every now and then we receive a Greg Oden update. Not long ago we saw his academic side when he went back to Ohio State for an economics summer class. Now it appears he is enjoying the other side of the college experience: getting drunk with kids and chasing after “white hoes”. Last weekend he was out partying and apparently spending time with some students from nearby Columbus State Community College.

And here you guys thought Greg Oden was slowing down the partying and focusing on his education. Nope, not the case. Twitter user @its_L_low went out with his boys last Friday for a routine night of drinks and chasing broads. Then around 1:15 a.m. he saw Old Man Oden spotted up by the TV.

The night rolls on and @its_L_low keeps his eye on Oden and posts this update about ten minutes later:

Come on man! You are out and see Oden “gettin at these white hoes” and you don’t even think to snap a picture?! Not one? At least we know Oden is up to his old tricks. We just hope they are hotter than his last conquests from last month’s charity golf event.

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