Brenda Warner Debuts New Haircut On CNN [PHOTOS]

In February, I found myself in an elevator with Kurt Warner at the J.W. Marriott during Super Bowl week. Just the two of us. A Super Bowl champion and the founder of Busted Coverage. It appeared Kurt, the man of superior faith, had been partying. That was just an observation from following him for two blocks and then into the elevator. I was on the 25th floor. Kurt was on the 9th or so. I had 9 floors to ask him about Brenda’s hair. It never came up.

That’s a true story.

It’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask Kurt.

“Dude, seriously, did you ever have a conversation with Brenda where you asked her to lose the Marine cut?”

It never came out of my mouth on that elevator. In fact, I can’t remember if there was anything more than a “hey” traded between myself and a legend with 45,000 passing yards.

But, after a night of drinking at Darren Rovell’s Super Bowl party, it was in my head. How many haircuts? How many plastic surgery operations? How many children has she given birth to. Numbers. Stats. The tweet options.

Why the fascination with Brenda Warner? Because there are the “‘I’d sleep with her” moments and then the “Holy sh*t, thank God I’m not married to Brenda” moments. That hair will play tricks on your emotions.

And yet here she is again, in 2012, back with a new haircut that was debuted over the weekend on CNN.

I thought Brenda had things figured out in 2010-2011 with the Real Housewives of Orange County look. Elegant, age appropriate and professional. The 2012 haircut screams “I rendezvoused with her in Vegas after a direct message exchange with on Twitter.”

Not that I’d ever say that to Kurt on an Indianapolis elevator.


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