Gay North Dakota Football Player Jamie Kuntz Is Rather Normal – Hates Romney & Michigan Football, Says Penn State Is “Poopy”

And here we figured gay North Dakota footballer Jaime Kuntz would use his Twitter account to give us the gay plague. Nope, the guy seems pretty damn normal. He likes pumpkin lattes, thinks Peyton Manning has a big head and he just wants to play DI college football. Shockingly, we didn’t even feel the least bit gay after reading Jamie’s timeline @Jamie_Kuntz.

Sure, there’s a gay pride flag background that tried to make us gay, but we resisted.

You might have already heard the Kuntz story. He was in Colorado over Labor Day weekend for a football game with his teammates from the North Dakota State College of Sciences. A concussion kept him on the sidelines. The coaching staff had Kuntz running the video camera.

At some point during the game, Kuntz and his boyfriend shared a kiss. The dude is 65. A teammate saw it, told coaches and Kuntz was asked on the bus home about the incident by his coach.

Kuntz said he was kissing his grandfather. Oops. ¬†Sidenote: NDSCS lost by 41.¬† One thing led to another and Kuntz was booted from the team for lying. Coach Chuck Parsons wouldn’t kick a gay player off his team in a rage after a crushing defeat, would he?

Says Kuntz on Twitter:

it’s crazy how many people tell me that they’ve been kicked of their teams. I’m doing this so it will stop happening, not for personal gain

I’m not worried about legal issues and I don’t want to have sanctions on this school. I want to play D1 football and that’s all

The guy, minus his attraction to grandfathers aside, doesn’t seem like he was trying to get into the pants of his teammates or convert them.

Not gay.

Kinda gay-ish, but not exactly converting straight men to the gay plague.

Not gay at all.

Doesn’t get much more straight than that.

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