Elizabeth Appenzeller – Coastal Carolina Cheerleading Coach – Arrested [Cuff ‘Em]

What happens to a 31-year-old Coastal Carolina cheerleading coach when her boyfriend breaks up with her? Elizabeth Hadley Appenzeller will stay in that boyfriend’s truck until police arrest her for resisting arrest, public intox and assaulting an officer. That’s right, E. App ain’t going down like that. Nobody is breaking up with E. App. without a drunken scene near a baseball field.

According to her profile on the Coastal Carolina website, Appenzeller isn’t your typical moron cheerleading coach. She supposedly has a master’s degree and even attended law school. While book smart, she’s not great with end of relationship type situations.

According to the arrest report, the responding officer told the 31-year-old she would be arrested for trespassing if she did not leave the truck.

When she got out she became ‘loud and boisterous and used profanity’, according to the report.

Because of their proximity to a public ball field, officers grabbed her arm and try to escort her away but she pulled away and swore at them.

As they tried to place her under arrest she kicked one of the officers and tried to jerk free. They had to physically restrain her.

Just a heads up to bros in the Conway, South Carolina area who think they’ve scored a smart cheerleading coach: if Appenzeller wants to introduce handcuffs to your relationship, get your shit and run.

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