Chicago Bears Stripper Pole Chick “Is Fine,” According To Her Employer

Of course you remember the Chicago Bears stripper pole fail chick from Monday morning. She tries to work the pole, spins on the pole and then falls off the pole. It was a hard fall on her back. We figured she broke her back, would swear of tailgate pole dancing and spend a few days in the hospital. Not so, says the marketing director at Timothy O’Toole’s pub.

That’s where stripper pole chick works, according to the marketing director who wishes to not use her name on this report.

She is fine. She works at Timothy O’Toole’s in Chicago.

Does she strip on the side?

No, at least I don’t think so.

Did she call off work on Monday due to a back injury?

We’re still waiting for that answer.

[Timothy O’Toole’s Pub – Chicago]